If you elect me to represent you, I will work hard to fix the issues that need to be addressed first.


Fighting Corruption

It seems that City Hall has two sets of rules and rumors of corruption are quickly met with roadblocks.  The city creates all sorts of road blocks when you try to audit their books, which to me shows corruption is involved.

My goal is to find the source of corruption and expose everyone so you can see how your money has been wasted.  My loyalty is to you the taxpayers of Houston.

We are riddled with council members seeking endorsements of each other and raise money from pay to play businesses so they can get their contracts approved.

I am seeking endorsements from you the residents and taxpayers of District A.

Public Safety

We must do better in District A.  I have experienced the slow response and the “We can’t do anything” response after my business was broken into. 

We need to support the Houston Police Dept, and all emergency services.  They are here to protect us and they deserve their pay, pensions, and most of all our respect.

I will work to aggressively prosecute those that bring harm to citizens and businesses of District A.



Small Business


I plan to work to promote Spring Branch as the next “Hot Spot” for dining, entertainment, and small business. I plan to work with commercial property owners and local businesses to bring their concepts to District A. We have some of the wealthiest neighborhoods south of I-10 that are wanting to shop, dine, and entertain closer to home.  That place is Spring Branch.

Streets - Flood Drainage


As a property owners we pay the drainage fees that Houston voters approved years ago. Where is our money going, what is it wasted on?

Better planning must be implemented so we are ready when the next flood event comes.


Less is More

As a business owner we learn the simple rules of business. It is time the city of Houston learns these same rules.

  1. “KISS” Keep It Simple Stupid. The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided.
  2. Less Is More. The notion that a smaller amount of something can be much more effective than a large amount or too much of it.
  3. Two Ears one Mouth. The notion that you should listen twice as much as you talk. Listen to your customers rather than talk over them.

The city is overcomplicated and it’s time they follow these three rules of business. They need to balance the budget, make every department accountable for unnecessary spending.  Money saved can easily pay for police, firefighters, ems, potholes, etc.

Early Voting is October 21 to November 1
On November 5, 2019 Elect George Harry Zoes
For Houston City Council – District A